The Longevity

Life-changing Health Frontiers

The Longevity Economy, the economic activity devoted to the needs of Americans 50+, presents a fast-growing opportunity for health technology investors and entrepreneurs. These 104 million people account for $3.1 trillion in annual consumer spending and $1.6 trillion in healthcare spending. As this population grows to a projected 132 million by 2030, health technology innovators have an opportunity to grow their businesses as part of the Longevity Economy, improve the quality of people’s lives as they age, and create successful technologies.

How can you anticipate the health needs of a population of over 100 million people?

A recent study by Parks Associates identified nine areas of digital health innovation that collectively represent a growth opportunity of $30 billion in revenue and adoption by over 100 million people over the next five years. We call these market areas “The Health Frontiers” and they currently represent the health demands of 50+ and provide entry points to the Longevity Economy.
Learn more and explore the nine Health Frontiers:

Behavioral Health

Promote overall well-being by supporting psychological health and making technology more human.

Care Guidance

Improve healthcare by making it easier for people 50+ to communicate with caregivers and participate in their own health management.

Diet & Nutrition

Help people 50+ eat the right foods to keep their bodies strong and healthy.

Medication Management

Track medication dosing, instructions, and side effects with smart technologies.

New Care Delivery

Give people access to their own vital signs with technologies to track and monitor health indicators.

Physical Fitness

Keep people active and fit as they age with technology to promote and monitor exercise.

Safe Living

Make independence safer with technologies that sense emergencies as they happen and help report them.

Smart Aging

Help people remain independent as they age by supporting their bodies and brains.

Social Engagement

Connect people 50+ to their friends and family with tools to increase communication and social interaction.