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AdhereTech launches new bottle, sees 20 percent adherence boost

October 28, 2015 | Medication Management

AdhereTech, the New York City-based smart pill bottle company, has begun shipping the generation 2 version of its bottle to pharma and provider customers. The new version incorporates a number of changes based on user feedback that make it more robust, easier to use, and expand the reach of the company outside the United States. AdhereTech raised $1.75 million to develop the new bottle last year.

“The Gen 1 worked great, and it got over all the regulatory hurdles, but we always looked at it as a device we would perfect in the next iteration,” AdhereTech CEO Josh Stein told MobiHealthNews. “We got a lot of patient feedback and we wanted to incorporate that into the next generation and also build a device that could be produced at scale. So that’s what we’ve been doing for the last year and a half, building the Gen 2 bottle.”

Pharma companies and providers work with AdhereTech for a number of reasons. Their smart pill bottle uses light and sound as well as texts and phone calls to remind people to take their medication, as well as to gather feedback on their moods, symptoms, and reasons for non-adherence. They work with clinical trial investigators, with specialty drug makers, and with hospitals for post-discharge monitoring.


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