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American Well and Philips Announce Partnership

Telehealth company American Well and technology company Philips recently announced a partnership to integrate American Well’s telehealth services with Philips’ health technology solutions.

Through this technology partnership, the two companies will work together to embed American Well’s mobile telehealth services into an array of Philips solutions for both healthy consumers and patients with a medical need, spanning personal health & wellness, population health management, and clinical programs… 

The first phase of the partnership is uGrow, a fee-based parenting app that will incorporate data from a number of smart devices. However, the partnership will expand during the second phase to provide other telehealth services linked with Philips’ devices. Advantages of the partnership already apparent in the development of uGrow include patients’ ability to safely share data with their healthcare providers and access telehealth services through the platform.

A key feature of the system is uGrow’s ability to let parents share data with – and receive personalized advice from – healthcare professionals. By connecting consumers directly with providers, American Well provides the secure, on-demand real-time video connection to a relevant healthcare professional (pediatrician, adult medical doctor or mental health specialist) online or via mobile phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…The in-app virtual care capability offers a unique advantage, saving time and the cost and trouble of an ER visit.

Beyond uGrow, Philips will leverage American Well’s mobile telehealth software development kit (SDK) to integrate video visits seamlessly and natively into a diverse set of Philips’ digital health solutions. American Well’s integrated telehealth visits will be further enhanced via backend integration with Philips’ population health and clinical systems, based on the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform. Via HealthSuite, consumers and patients can have secure and full control over their personal data, including data from their connected devices, and select which data to share with health professionals, resulting in more holistic, effective and personalized care, as well as a superior user experience and better health outcomes.

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