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Contour Diabetes App Now Allows Users to Track Blood Glucose Patterns

Ascensia Diabetes Care has released an update to its Contour Diabetes App which will allow patients to analyze patterns in their blood glucose levels. The feature aims to provide patients with a deeper understanding of how various factors affect blood glucose levels.

“This latest upgrade to the Contour Diabetes app provides patients with a smarter tool that can help to make the self-management of their diabetes easier,” Ros Barker, country head of UK and Ireland for Ascensia Diabetes Care, said in a statement. “At Ascensia we are listening to feedback from people with diabetes about their needs, and are continuing to invest in the further development of the Contour Diabetes app, so that we can provide solutions that make diabetes self-management better, easier, and smarter.”

The new version of the app will include a feature called My Patterns, which helps identify suboptimal patterns in blood glucose results. The company says this feature will help users improve their patterns by giving them reminders and testing plans. The feature will also provide users with possible causes for the suboptimal pattern, and resources for how to address the issue.

By allowing patients to understand how changes in their daily activities contribute to their glucose levels, the update claims to empower patients to better understand and manage their diabetes treatment.

“Self-management is critical in diabetes. One of the keys to effective diabetes self-management for patients is to provide them with tools that can help them to understand how their lifestyle or activities affect their diabetes and how they can make adjustments,” Heather Daly, an independent nurse consultant for the project, said in a statement. “Digital and mobile technologies have significant potential to [help] people with diabetes improve their self-management behaviors through personalized solutions. The new Contour Diabetes app represents a real advance in the use of data for diabetes management by identifying sub-optimal patterns and providing tailored reminders that can support patients to make improvements.”

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