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Carefirst to Provide Patients with Sharecare’s Digital Health Tools

January 11, 2018 |

Sharecare and Carefirst have announced a partnership to provide access to Sharecare’s digital health management services to patients insured by the mid-Atlantic insurance giant. Carefirst will offer Sharecare’s services for four years, beginning in 2019.

CareFirst members will have access to a personalised mobile and web-based platform that will help them better understand their health, anad take action to improve it.
Sharecare will combine its platform with customised elements that integrate with CareFirst’s clinical programmes, including its Patient-Centered Medical Home.

The system will provide a suite of digital health tools and services to patients insured by Carefirst, and, in a quest to better manage and coordinate care, will provide them with the opportunity to generate their own data using wearable devices and other smart technology. Carefirst executives are hopeful that the partnership will play a role in empowering patients to play an active role in their own healthcare and allowing physicians to customize care for each patient.

 CareFirst President and CEO Chet Burrell said: “Our wellness and disease management programme is designed to help identify our members who are at-risk for or living with a serious health condition and assist them in adopting healthier lifestyles through the better management of those conditions.”
Burrell says that when aligned with its clinical programmes and capabilities, Sharecare’s technology, tools and expertise will allow members’ behaviours to be better understood. This will provide information to help these individuals make informed health care decisions and deliver incentives that motivate them to make changes.
Sharecare’s CEO Jeff Arnold said: “CareFirst continues to transform the delivery of healthcare to its members through its integrated model that enables care coordination between all key stakeholders; and our comprehensive digital platform and ability to engage people in their health – no matter where they are in their health journey – will serve to enhance that model, ultimately resulting in better outcomes and reduced costs.”

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