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Caregiver Support Platform Cariloop Repositions Itself as an Employee Benefit

At a time when many digital health companies are shifting strategies from a B2B model to a B2C model, care coordination platform Cariloop has gone one step further with their business model: two years ago, they stopped targeting providers, and instead focused on large employers looking to boost workforce productivity and retention.

Although family caregivers who provide substantial assistance with healthcare experience significant emotional difficulty and role-related effects, only one-quarter use supportive services, according to a study published last year in the JAMA. So it becomes a wellness issue for employers.

Michael Walsh, Cariloop cofounder and CEO, explained that the ‘aha moment’ came when they realized when people were primarily using their website.  

Most of the activity on the website was from 10 am to 2 pm on weekdays. [They] also found that users preferred to call. That’s when Walsh and his cofounders realized that this could be a win for employers….

The company set up a message and storage service within its website not unlike Slack or BaseCamp where family members can store documents for loved ones such as medication lists, insurance cards and paperwork. Family members can also use it to communicate with each other and touch base with a health coach. These coaches are trained as social workers and help family caregivers address needs such as transportation, food delivery and queries for other tasks.

As the population ages, more and more companies are finding their employees burdened by trying to balance caregiving responsibilities alongside workplace responsibilities. By including Cariloop as part of their their employee benefit packages, employers can now support caregiver employees while improving workforce productivity.

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