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Carrot Inc and RedBrick Health Partner to Provide Smoking Cessation Platform Pivot as an Employee Benefit

Employers nowadays can offer their employees a broad range of digital health benefits that provide everything from care coordination to individualized virtual fitness classes. And with the recent news of a partnership between health IT firm RedBrick Health and digital health company Carrot, that list has stretched to include smoking cessation support.

Through the newly announced joint effort, RedBrick will offer some of its customers access to Carrot’s smoking cessation platform called Pivot. Additionally, RedBrick will have category market exclusivity to market Pivot through 2018.

Pivot relies on a connected platform that eschews a “cold-turkey” approach to quitting in favor of supporting viewers and tracking health improvements as they gradually quit smoking. In addition, by providing virtual coaching, the company hopes to encourage patients to engage- and stick with- the platform.

Carrot’s Pivot platform relies on technology, coaching and a breath sensor to help individuals on the path to quitting.

Users are equipped with a breath sensor that monitors carbon monoxide in the breath. Pivot’s app allows them to record their breath samples, log their cigarettes and keep track of the money they spend on smoking. It also enables users to read content and complete lessons regarding cessation. Through the app, users can communicate with a human coach to gain additional feedback and encouragement.

Overall, Carrot stresses a learning process for cessation. Quitting isn’t something that happens overnight — rather, it takes time.

Like many employee wellness benefits, Carrot emphasizes the potential ROI for self-insured employers who benefit from having healthier employees with lower overall healthcare costs.

“We obtained FDA clearance for our breath sensor system in fall 2017 and recently launched at our first self-insured employer clients to help their employees quit smoking,” Carrot CEO David Utley said in a statement. “Our partnership with RedBrick Health accelerates our commercialization of Pivot, as well as our mission to engage and empower millions of people to quit smoking.”

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