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Digital Health Showcase at CES 2018

January 11, 2018 |

CES 2018 is well under gear, and digital health solutions are making quite a showing this year. MobiHealthNews is keeping a running list of digital health products that have been presented at the showcase. Trending this year are wearable solutions, devices that are capable of recording and reporting clinical-quality data, and products that track heart health and detect potential risk factors for heart disease or stroke. Some of the highlights:

Healbe will be display its weight loss and maintenance wearable, GoBe2. The company claims the product can auto-track hydration levels and a user’s emotional state. It can also passively track calories with a 24-hour calorie intake algorithm, project an after image of users once they attain their weight loss goal, and share the data with nutritionists and coaches. 

Cardiomo will be showing off its wearable vital monitor. The wireless monitor fits on the users chest and continuously collects vital data. The technology uses an algorithm which picks up on heart abnormalities and gives preventative suggestions.

Omron Healthcare unveiled the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG, a home medical device that measures blood pressure and EKG. The technology was developed with AliveCor and will be submitted to the FDA later this year. It will also go through clinical validation trials before it hits the market. 

But that isn’t all from Omron Healthcare this year. The company will also display its Omron HeartGuide, a wearable oscillometric wrist blood pressure monitor with an inflatable cuff built into the watch band. Omron will also be previewing a new version of its smartphone app which synchs with its connected heart health devices. It will let users store, track and share their heart health data with doctors for deeper heart health insights. 

@-Health will display its CardioNexion, a connected medical device for “ultra-early” detection and analysis of all cardiovascular pathologies. The device can detect the first sign of a change in heart rate, stroke, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, and sudden infant death before the first symptoms appear. The device comes in the form of a T-shirt or bra.

Philips just launched a new sleep enhancement product called SmartSleep. The device comes in the form of a wearable headband and is connected to a mobile app. It connects to a forehead sensor, reference sensor behind the right ear, and two foam encased speakers that deliver minimally audible “boost tones,” according to a statement. The company says the device helps users increase daytime energy, improve cognitive functions, boost alertness, and enhance fluency and memory… 

Seoul-based Neofect will exhibit its latest product, Rapael, a rehabilitation device designed for stroke patients’ hands and arms. The products uses game-based elements in its device to make rehab more entertaining and effective. Rapael is a digital version of the wooden pegboard and is expected to help stroke patients improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive ability, space perception, and concentration…

Intelligent sensor and analytics software company Olea will be displaying the OSN Quadcorder prototype with its HeartSignature product. The system is made up of a wireless, contactless device that can collect and process heart rate, respiration rate, and heart rate variability data. The information can be transmitted via the cloud to clinicians. The company reports the product requires no external wires or contact with the body. 

Creator of biometric technology, Valencell, debuted its latest biometric sensor system, Benchmark 4.0, at CES. The product is expected to fit into hearables and wearable designs and save more than 50 percent in power savings while in continuous monitoring mode. The company also claims the product will have more design flexibility than previous models.

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