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Employee Wellness Benefit Platform StayWell Acquires Provata Health

Preventative health employee benefit platform StayWell has announced their acquisition of digital wellness platform Provata Health. Through the acquisition, StayWell will be able to provide Provata’s suite of digital health management platforms and proprietary connected health devices to employees who receive StayWell as a covered benefit.

“We really see this as significantly advancing our capabilities,” StayWell CEO Nicole Latimer told MobiHealthNews. “We knew that we would have to get more advanced in terms of offering our programs through mobile devices. Our acquisition of MedHelp was a step in that direction. But as we think about being able to now offer the capabilities that Provata’s platform offers, that advances us by several years. This is something we no longer have to build ourselves, but we can immediately go to market with a very robust set of mobile capabilities… Many of the health plans we’ve been working with have been asking for mobile capabilities, so it’s important to have that now rather than in a few years.”

Provata Health is a revenue-driven company that creates evidence based management solutions for chronic condition management and treatment.

In April 2016, Provata published data showing that its program achieved an average weight reduction of 4.8 percent and an average blood pressure reduction of 8.8 systolic and 7.68 diastolic — double the weight loss outcomes of the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program. Latimer said the presence of peer-reviewed evidence was a driving factor in StayWell’s decision to acquire the company.

“Like StayWell, [Provata is] absolutely committed to generating results and to publishing those results in peer-reviewed journals,” she said. “They too want to demonstrate that lifestyle behaviors can change, that people can have a higher quality of life by being educated and participating with their colleagues and with others in engaging health activities.”

Although certain aspects of the two companies are similar, Latimer believes that the two company’s focus on complementary health-related factors will help them work together to create more complete connected health solutions.

“There are some redundancies, in that we both use health coaches and we both have challenges for employees and health plan members to be using, but we think of those as more complementary than truly redundant because we’ve tended to focus on different things,” Latimer told MobiHealthNews. “There’s a lot about nutrition that Provata has been working on, helping to increase the number of servings of fruits and vegetables that participants are eating on a daily basis. We haven’t concentrated as much on nutrition, but we’ve spent time working on sleep and that hasn’t been an area Provata has spent as much time on. So we think this is a really good, complementary merging of the products and services that we have.”

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