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Following WebMD, Mayo Clinic Now Offers First Aid Alexa Skill

Six months after WebMD announced their newly integrated Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo, Mayo Clinic followed suit with their own Alexa app aimed at providing voice-activated first aid guidance.

Basic health information and advice provided by the Mayo Clinic is now available on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices…

“Mayo Clinic produces trusted, evidence-based health guidance to empower people to effectively manage their health,” Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, general internal medicine physician and associate medical director at Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions, said in a statement. “…. Voice-enabled experience is a new and growing channel for reaching people and delivering information they are seeking, whether or not they have an existing relationship with Mayo Clinic.”

In addition to accessing the information vocally via Alexa, users have the option of accessing the app through their smartphone or other device to visually browse a list of topics. It is the Clinic’s second skill developed for Alexa so far—the first being the Mayo Clinic News Network, which offers listeners a “60-second daily presentation with easy-to-understand health tips.”

Other voice-assisted health services available on Amazon Alexa include Fitbit integrationBoston Children’s Hospital’s KidsMD skill, and Healthtap’s Doctor AI diagnosis tool.

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