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Hearing Biotech Startup Akouos Announces $7.5 Million in Seed Funding

December 6, 2017 | Smart Aging

Hearing biotechnology startup Akouos recently announced $7.5 million in seed funding. The company is also in negotiations to acquire rights to the Lonza and Massachusetts Eye and Ear gene therapy technology. The acquisition will allow Akouos to deploy funding to the continued research of solutions to prevent hearing loss and even restore hearing.

The agreement with Akouos is designed to accelerate AAV gene therapy development for hearing and balance disorders by bringing together world class expertise and resources in hearing science research and development, clinical research, and AAV manufacturing.

“Our mission is to make healthy hearing available to all,” said Dr. Manny Simons, founder and CEO of Akouos. “To this end, we are building the leading inner ear gene therapy company. Our cornerstone partnership with Massachusetts Eye and Ear, the world’s largest hearing research center, and with Lonza, a global leader in viral gene and cell therapy manufacturing, sets a strong foundation for the important work to be done in this emergent field.”

“Together with these strategic partners and our founding investors at 5AM Ventures, NEA, and Partners Innovation Fund, Akouos is poised to translate scientific breakthroughs into life-changing treatments,” continued Dr. Simons. “We are excited to be working collaboratively with the hearing science research community, hearing health care providers, and families affected by hearing loss to create a future in which the gifts of hearing are available to all.”

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