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New Sleep Device Promises to Help Users Improve Quality of Sleep

SleepScore Labs has just released the SleepScore Max, a contact-less sleep monitoring system. A 2015 study found that sleep trackers significantly improved the health of study participants, despite usability challenges. By creating a contact-free device that can be left on a bedside table while the user sleeps, the SleepScore Max addresses one of the common complaints of participants in the study- the lack of comfort or cumbersome nature of the tracking devices.

From the user’s bedside, the SleepScore Max ($149.99) measures a number of different sleep-affecting variables including respiration, body movement, duration, and environmental qualities such as temperature and light. With these, the device and its companion app assigns the user’s nightly sleep a 1 to 100-point rating as well as suggestions on how best to improve the rating.   

The SleepScore Max is designed to improve quality of life and overall health by providing users with usable and relevant sleep data. The device is able to measure quality of sleep and suggest improvements based on the user’s sleep patterns and environmental data.

“Sleep is more prominent than ever. Yet, when you look at overall health and wellness, sleep is the only area that the average consumer has no single metric to assess how he or she is doing,” Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs, said in a statement. “Food has calories, exercise has steps, but SleepScore Labs has made it easier for the average person to measure how they sleep. SleepScore Max is an exciting step in our journey to help everyone on the planet sleep better and live better.”

According to the company, SleepScore Max is built on ResMed’s proprietary technology, backed by a decade of peer-reviewed research, and validated against polysomnography. Through the app, users can set sleep goals, track their weekly progress, and receive sleep reports ready to share with a practitioner. In addition to an alarm that gently awakens the user during an optimal time in their sleep cycle, the app also can share user-specific recommendations on lighting, pillows, digital sleep therapies, and other areas intended to help users wake up well rested.

SleepScore Labs has recruited a panel of leading sleep experts to join the company’s team, including former Apple sleep expert Roy J.E.M. Raymann .

“SleepScore Max was created with the central goal of helping people get better sleep so they can live better,” Brad Horn, vice president of marketing, told MobiHealthNews in an email. “But beyond just measuring sleep, SleepScore Labs has put together a ‘dream team’ of the world’s leading sleep experts to develop personalized recommendations as well as science-backed product solutions that are designed to help consumers better manage the quality of their sleep.”

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