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Pillbox Grows According to the Number of Pills You Take

October 13, 2015 | Medication Management

The dr Poket PillBox is a modular device that can be extended or shrunk depending on the number of medications you and your family takes. The design is reminiscent of a mothership with replaceable pill dispensers docking on the sides.

The pictures show PillBox is bigger than regular meds dispensers. It features a single screen, control panel and a braille indicator for the visually impaired. To the sides are modules where the pills are kept and dispensed one-by-one. If a person takes three pills a day, each module will take care of a pill so you only get what you need and at the perfect time. Visual and sound notifications on the device beg to be noticed.

But the system shines with the dr Poket platform, an all-encompassing cloud-based service that manages and monitors intake for patients, their family and even doctors.

Every time a patient gets a new prescription, the medicine name is scanned using the barcode and dosage instructions are keyed in. Using a drug database, the dr Poket app will inform the patient about the drug’s possible interaction with alcohol, pregnancy warnings or interaction with other drugs on the program.


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