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Samsung and MobileHelp Partner to Create Smartwatch-Based Emergency Alert System

MobileHelp and Samsung recently announced a partnership to create the MobileHelp Smart, a smartwatch with an integrated emergency alert system. The device incorporates the advantages of traditional smartwatches, such as fitness tracking and other alerts, with those of traditional emergency alert buttons. The watch is designed to be easy to use, and is also able to report the user’s GPS location to emergency responders.

When a user presses the “Help” button on the MobileHelp Smart interface, trained operators receive the call for assistance and know who the user is, where they are located and can contact them through the watch to determine the scope of the emergency and provide the right level of response.

Although the device is conceived principally for seniors, its designers believe that it can be useful for other sectors of the population who employ emergency-alert services.

Though MobileHelp currently provides its solutions primarily to seniors, MobileHelp is aiming to reach a broader set of audiences – from patients with chronic illnesses who want to better monitor aspects of their health to extreme athletes who want to be able to access emergency help while training in strenuous or dangerous environments…

According to Parks Associates’ research, there are currently a little over three million users of personal emergency response products and services in the United States, mostly in older households.

“Cellular-equipped wearables in stylish form factors with health monitoring functionality have the potential of vastly increasing the appeal of PERS solutions not just for the senior population, but also for new markets such as outdoor athletes and individuals with potentially serious health conditions,” said Kristen Hanich, Research Analyst, Parks Associates.

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