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Smart Boot Offers Relief for Diabetes Patients

A new smart boot created by a collaboration between Sensoria Health and Optima Molliter shows promise in the treatment of diabetic foot complications.

“By combining the best innovations in diabetic footwear technology and Sensoria Core microelectronics, we can contribute to help clinicians and diabetic patients reduce risk of amputations,” Davide Vigano, cofounder and CEO of Sensoria Health, told MobiHealthNews in an email.

The boot, titled the Motus Smart, uses sensors and other technologies to improve offloading, the reduction of pressure experienced by a patient’s foot during walking and other normal activities. The boot aims to do better than existing offloading solutions by providing a comfortable and customizable footwear option for patients.

“Offloading is essential to diabetic foot ulcer healing, according to podiatry consensus guidelines,” Vigano said in a statement. “Motus Smart will significantly improve the lives of people that suffer from diabetic foot complications. With Sensoria’s technology, caregivers, and clinicians will have access to multitudes of patient data, allowing them to track compliance and intervene before amputation becomes unavoidable.”

To avoid infection, amputation, and potential mortality, clinicians prescribe specialized footwear to diabetes patients with foot complications. Some of these are full contact or come equipped with non-removable compliance systems, both of which are uncomfortable and not always tolerated by patients. As an alternative, the Motus Smart communicates via text messages and a web dashboard to inform caregivers and clinicians of patient non-compliance.

The boot also contains a compliance-tracking system that provides caregivers and providers with valuable data regarding each patient’s usage of the boot.

“Recording a patient’s compliance and usage patterns will reduce risk of amputations and provide objective data to the treating physician or hospital center that manages the patient,” Franco Salvatelli, research and development manager at Optima Molliter, said in a statement. “By giving information on the usage patterns, deambulatory activity, and concentration of the patient’s orthotic pressures, we will provide additional evidence to a patient’s adherence to the mechanical offloading treatment.”

The Motus Smart will debut at next week’s CES 2018 conference.

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