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UnitedHealthcare, DrFirst Emphasize Price Transparency in New Med Adherence App

The behemoth of medication non-adherence (or non-compliance) costs hundred of billions of dollars each year in the US, and has therefore been the inspiration for many digital health startups. But this week, there’s a new player in the game bringing a whole new approach to the problem: insurance giant UnitedHealthcare has partnered with DrFirst to tackle price transparency by enabling providers to engage with patients at the point of care on medication costs and seek alternative meds when necessary.

The high cost of prescription drugs is one of the top causes of patient medication non-adherence, resulting in avoidable emergency department and hospital admissions, as well as longer term poor patient outcomes. With the transition to value-based care finally becoming a reality, this challenge must be addressed — and quickly — by leading healthcare organizations.

PreCheck MyScript [is] a new app that delivers precise prescription cost information at the point of care, driving better medication adherence while improving clinician workflows and productivity.

PreCheck MyScript provides precise cost information at the point of drug prescribing based on the patient’s benefit plan, and gives care providers patient-specific pharmacy information and details of their insurance coverage. It also automates prior authorizations when needed, eliminating the need for phone calls or faxes. This helps lower costs and results in more timely prescriptions, less administrative hassle and a better patient experience.

Perhaps one of the top features of PreCheck MyScript is that it embeds directly into any of the major EHR platforms, so providers do not need to switch applications during a patient visit.

“By making it easier for doctors to access pricing and coverage data, we foster more open communication between physicians and their patients about drug costs and quality, thereby improving health outcomes and the patient experience,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst in a statement. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with UnitedHealthcare to improve physician-pharmacy workflow and patient satisfaction.”

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