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  • Mar 07, 2017
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Guide to Innovative Companies in the 50+ Market

Guide to Innovative Companies in the 50+ Market

In October 2016, AARP and Medcity News announced a partnership to unearth the people, ideas, and companies that are innovating for the vital and growing 50+ market.”

As these people, ideas and companies span an impressive array of fields and users, roughly every week since early December, MedCity News has published a list of finalists in a given category, such as innovators in smart wearables, behavioral health and fitness, or medication management.

Last week, they took a broader approach, inviting their readers to nominate companies driving innovation across a variety of categories. Here is our guide to the nominees that deliver consumer-facing solutions for smart aging. (Note: voting ended March 2nd, but if you’d like to know who won, check back with MedCity News.)

Affinity Networks, Inc. (IntelaCare)

IntelaCare is ANI’s mobile patient engagement management system. They offer a tele-healthcare platform that improves user health outcomes through compliance, education, social wellness and rewards. It also connects individuals to appropriate, customized health resources through a secure server. It has focused heavily on underserved and Veteran populations but is adaptable to the needs of any specific medical population.

AssistRx for its software, iAssist

AssistRx is a web-based data management solution to improve outcomes for patients taking specialized medications. The platform allows health care providers, hubs, specialty pharmacies, payers, and patients to exchange and track information related to prescribing specialty medications. The iAssist solution contains modules such as electronic prescribing (eRx), electronic consent (eConsent), electronic prior authorizations (ePA), electronic eligibility queries (eRx Eligibility), and more.


CarePredict® Tempo™ is a wearable sensor that helps senior living staff and home care providers identify the small changes in daily activities that can be precursors to serious health concerns. It can alert care staff about variation in personal patterns – such as not waking at the typical time, eating less than usual, abnormal repetition of activities, or restless sleep – that may need proactive attention.


CareSync is a family health record that collects, organizes, and stores family health information on a secure platform. It saves time and energy by not duplicating data entry, and by providing all family members immediate access to family history health data at any time, any place, and on any device.


DoctorGlobe is a domestic online hospital-shopping platform. They allow users to price shop across the country for specific services and use crowdsourcing to measure quality of care. Coupled with a smart employee incentive benefit program, it allows plan participants to find quality care providers that offer competitive pricing.

Emmi Solutions

Emmi is a patient engagement platform for healthcare organizations. In addition to tracking and providing data on engagement, the platform — which requires no expensive hardware or software — can also integrate with Electronic Medical Records, patient or member portals, data analytics or other clinical systems.

GreatCall Inc.

GreatCall Inc. is a set of mobile-enabled, connected health and safety technologies that offer services for older adults. Products include the Lively Wearable Device that connects activity tracking with mobile safety services; the jitterbug phones, geared toward older adults with brighter screens and larger buttons; and a suite of mobile applications designed to help keep older consumers safe and healthy.


Humetrix offers a series of apps, including iBlueButton which tracks and manages health data and TENSIO, specifically for high blood pressure management.


Roobrik offers online decision tools that helps older adults and their loved ones determine the best course of action for their home health care needs.


Room2Care is like an Airbnb for in home care: instead of going to a residential facility for short-term rehabilitative care, individuals can instead find a caregiver’s home to stay in during their recovery.

Rxwiki Inc.

Rxwiki is a digital pharmacist that works with independent pharmacies to engage patients and drive medication adherence.

Transcendent Endeavors, LLC.

Through Transcenden Endeavors’ health care arm, Canopy Innovations, they offers digital technologies that streamline delivery of care from medical providers to patients with limited English proficiency.


Zocdoc has been a longstanding pioneer in online scheduling, allowing users to to find a doctor and quickly schedule an appointment.

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