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  • Mar 30, 2017
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Preview of Innovation@50+ LivePitch : Featured Speakers Jo Ann Jenkins and Richard Lui

Preview of Innovation@50+ LivePitch : Featured Speakers Jo Ann Jenkins and Richard Lui

In fewer than two weeks, we will be gathered in Mountain View, California for AARP’s 6th Annual Innovation@50+ LivePitch event. (As a friend of The Longevity Network, please enjoy a waived registration fee using code AARPLN2017. Register at innovation50plus.org).

Yesterday, AARP released its full docket of speakers. Wednesday, April 12th is dedicated to Caregiving Health Tech–which is our focus here at The Longevity Network–and for the first time ever, LivePitch will continue on a second day, with Thursday, April 13th dedicated to financial tech (Fin Tech).

Let’s take a look at a couple highlights from Wednesday’s docket of speakers.

Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP CEO

Jo Ann Jenkins has been with AARP since 2010 and has been CEO since 2014. She has been described as a visionary and thought leader, a catalyst for breakthrough results, accelerating progress and contribution while fostering positive relationships inside and outside the organization.

She kicks off the Innovation@50+ LivePitch event with her keynote address Wednesday morning at 9:25 am, entitled Disrupt Aging and Health – The Innovation Imperative.

We are at a unique time in our history when the vast aging of society coincides with unprecedented innovations in biomedical research, genomics, health and technology. The convergence of these trends with demand driven by an aging population and the development of new health and wellness-related products and services will disrupt aging and health in ways previously unimaginable, bringing us incredible opportunities to choose how we want to live as we age. For companies ready to challenge outdated beliefs and stereotypes about aging and create new innovative, technology-driven solutions, this is an incredible market opportunity.

Jo Ann’s keynote address will be immediately followed by a Fireside Chat on Health, Wealth & Self with emcee Lisa Suenen, managing partner of Venture Valkyrie LLC.

[The two will discuss ways] we’re looking beyond the health-care system for innovative, technology-driven solutions that help us adopt lifestyle changes that lead toward physical and mental fitness and enhance well-being,[and don’t] just treat our ailments.

Richard Lui, Journalist and News Anchor for MSNBC

In addition to his reporting on topics as diverse as conflict in the Middle East and Asia to racial unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore, Richard travels each week from New York City to San Francisco to care for his father, an Alzheimer’s patient.

In a 10:30 am panel entitled Unmentionables: Caregiving, Richard will join Alex Drane, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Eliza Corporation, and co-founder of Engage with Grace, for a discussion on rethinking of the tolls of caregiving.

[They will discuss] how we need to expand the definition of health to include life [because] life challenges don’t just rob us of our ability to take good care of ourselves or those we love, they actually hurt our own health as well. While relationship, workplace and financial stresses are all hard, caregiving stress has a unique ability to supercharge all other life challenges, creating a stress super-storm. Caregiving stress takes a tremendous toll – physically, financially, emotionally.

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