Longevity Network
  • Aug 22, 2017
  • Jeffrey Fry, CEO/President

Q: Are there apps or other technology available now to help coordinate caregiving?

Yes, there a quite a few, but most involve wearable and remote monitoring. There are a few that deal with matching you with a caregiver, but the only one I know that deals with helping a family manage a loved ones care is wellbeyondcare.com. In addition to helping families find a great local caregiver, you get access to a local RN (where the care is being delivered) as part of their service. Signup is free and they are nationwide.

Yes, there are many, each with their pros and cons, so the best app just depends on what your needs are. CaringBridge and Lotsa Helping Hands both help to coordinate care arrangements like meal help and errands, and gives the care team a place to put important dates. Both apps also have a community support element for the patient and the care team. Caring Village’s main feature is a secure messaging system for a family team to communicate, and also has places to create to-do lists, upload documents, and a central calendar. CareZone helps keep a care team in the loop with a central place to store documents and records, share notes, create a task list, upload medication, etc. eCare21 helps doctors and loved ones monitor an indivual’s health stats via wearables to track things like glucose heart rate, medication adherence and sleep.