Longevity Network
  • Sept 19, 2017
  • Marguerite Manteau-Rao, Co-Founder of Neurocern

Q: How can personalized healthcare be used at the consumer level?

Past and present health, age, gender, education, other socio-economic factors will influence my view of what I want and need in terms of personalized health care. All those characteristics can be mapped and ingested by an AI engine. Eventually personalized healthcare is going to be so intelligent that it will know ‘me’ and anticipate all my wants and needs as a patient and consumer of healthcare services. Prevention and telehealth/care will play increasing roles. But the whole health system is going to have to align and providers/payors’ incentives will have to shift.

Marguerite, I wholeheartedly agree with you. The web is ‘one size fits all’ as it relates to health. Yes, there’s plenty of information out there, but, essentially, two people will get the same results when seeking information online. However, there’s nothing more personal than our health – past, present, and future. Each person is unique, shouldn’t our health information (and options) be unique? And, in fact, that’s exactly what I’m up to fixing – personalizing health information and, essentially, creating an AI-powered “GPS” to navigate illness. Medivizor currently does this for people post diagnosis with a serious or chronic illness with above-average education level and command of English. However, over time, we intend to remove more barriers and expand this far beyond its current core focus.

Basically (though it’s not simple), one must consider all aspects of one’s special circumstances, and then using all the best information out there + all the clues we can gather, to personalize health options for individuals. Ultimately, this will include all aspects of one’s life and all their real world and virtual world interactions… and will be available to people in a variety of modalities.

I’m very optimistic. Personalization is the future of healthcare and health information. And, as you said – healthcare professionals will gradually need to adjust to this empowered patient.