Longevity Network
  • Aug 23, 2017
  • Aimee Adamec, Sr Director, Product

Q: How can technology be used in behavioral health care?

Technology can bring value to BH in two ways, first by bringing data to inform treatment and second by integrating BH care into the holistic care of the patient. For evidence-based treatments to be widely adopted, the data has to be gathered, shared and seamlessly integrated into practice. This is new way of thinking and being for many clinicians and could benefit greatly from the effective use of technology. As for BH care, it has been largely siloed and the separation has resulted in suboptimal outcomes especially with respect to chronic disease. Bringing BH needs and treatment under the umbrella of total patient care is necessary to effectively battle rising health care costs. Hopefully at some point separating the mind from the body will seem as foolish as separating the heart from the body.