Longevity Network
  • Aug 23, 2017
  • Jeffrey Fry, CEO/President

Q: Does HIPAA apply to devices like Alexa?

Caution: There is not such thing a being “HIPPA” compliant in the sense that you get a certificate. You are compliant by following the guidelines set out in the HIPPA document, and if and when a breach does happen, you have a plan to rectify a situation.

Yes, devices like Alexa must be HIPAA-compliant to be used in a medical setting where patient’s medical information is involved. The device is not yet compliant, but Amazon is working on this. Some hospitals already use Alexa apps for tasks like pre-surgery checklists. Doctors could really use the device for tasks like transcribing notes to save time during patient visits and allow doctors to keep their focus on the patient. But until Amazon can satisfy the regulations that make sure private medical information can be stored on the device, it’s usefulness in hospitals is limited.