Longevity Network
  • Mar 17, 2018
  • Kirsten Straydom, Principal

Q: Does the move to value-based care make it easier or harder for care providers to adopt digital health solutions?

The shift to value-based care happening now places financial incentive on healthcare providers to seek demonstrable positive health outcomes in their patients, so it’s a shift that opens doors for digital health solutions. It means startups have a tremendous opportunity if they can demonstrate measurable value to a care provider.

The tricky part for providers comes down to interoperability–how to integrate all these different platforms and products into one system practitioners can use. How to bill for it through insurance is less of a roadblock than the arduous process of training all healthcare personnel on a new platform that might only manage one type of condition or one type of patient. Still, if interoperability can be solved, the potential remains huge for digital health solutions to change the face of healthcare and deliver positive health outcomes and the data to prove it.