Longevity Network


Innovation Never Gets Old

There are currently over 100 million adults over 50. They're more vibrant than ever. More connected too. And they're not just changing the face of aging—they're about to change the economy as we know it.

Behavioral & Emotional Health

Promote overall well-being by supporting psychological health and making technology more human.

Diet & Nutrition

Help people 50+ eat the right foods to keep their bodies strong and healthy.

Medication Management

Track medication dosing, instructions, and side effects with smart technologies.

Social Engagement

Connect people 50+ to their friends and family with tools to increase communication and social interaction.

Aging with Vitality

Help people remain independent as they age by supporting their bodies and brains.

Care Navigation

Improve healthcare by making it easier for people 50+ to communicate with caregivers and participate in their own health management.

Emergency Detection & Response

Make independence safer with technologies that sense emergencies as they happen and help report them.

Physical Fitness

Keep people active and fit as they age with technology to promote and monitor exercise.

Vital Sign Monitoring

Give people access to their own vital signs with technologies to track and monitor health indicators.

Webinar Videos

July Webinar – Explore the Nine Health Frontiers

Jeff Makowka, Senior Strategic Advisor of Thought Leadership at AARP, will lead an introduction to the Health Frontiers. Learn more […]

August Webinar – Healthcare Innovation and Medicare

How can health entrepreneurs work within the context of Medicare? Susan Morisato, President of Insurance Solutions at UnitedHealthcare, explains the […]

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