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  • Jan 10, 2018
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight, Care Coordination

Entrepreneur of the Week: Amer Haider, Doctella

Entrepreneur of the Week: Amer Haider, Doctella

Doctella.com provides an online portal for digital health management. The platform allows healthcare providers to create custom-designed, patient-facing “CarePrograms”, which allows patients and caregivers to stay on track with their healthcare. The program also allows healthcare providers to monitor patients’ progress and send digital health interventions. 

We talked to CEO and Co-Founder, Amer Haider, about Doctella and the opportunity they see in the 50+ market.

Longevity Network: What does Doctella, the company, do?

Amer Haider: Using Doctella online digital health studio medical professionals can create Remote Monitoring, Apple CareKit apps with device integration, secure cloud storage, configurable dashboards, and analytics in just 10 mins with zero IT or software developers.

LN: Can you tell us about your product and how it works?

AH: Caregivers, Providers and Payers can use the Doctella Health Studio to create CarePrograms. Providers share these CarePrograms with their patients via text, email, or their EHR. Patients then use these CarePrograms to stay informed with education, timely interventions, and capture medical grade sensor and consumer wearables data. Providers and patients can monitor outcomes through their Doctella dashboard.

LN: What opportunity did you want to address with the development of your technology?

AH: We all hear the phrase “there is an app for that”. Turns out that is not true for health care. For most conditions and procedures, patients still rely on paper. Apps and devices are seldom used to clinically monitor patients and deliver meaningful digital health interventions. This is why we built the Doctella Health Studio. Now health care providers, case managers, payers, pharmacists and so many more health professionals can build customized remote monitoring and educational patient apps using a simple online tool, Doctella. These apps empower patients by delivering best practices/guidelines, reminders, education, surveys, and digital health interventions. These apps or CarePrograms interact with sensors on patients’ everyday devices. Providers can use an automated dashboard to follow patients’ progress and send timely digital health interventions to patients to keep them on track.

LN: Who are your primary users? In what ways can your products benefit the 50+ population?

AH: Our primary users are health professionals of all specialties including orthopedics, urology, bariatrics, colorectal, vascular, and general surgery, as well as their patients.

How Doctella CarePrograms benefit the 50+ population:

• Caregivers can continuously monitor loved ones over 50 via an online dashboards that collects user data from HealthKit or GoogleFit and sends alerts if any customized thresholds are crossed.

• As you get older and memory declines, remembering your daily routine and doctor’s orders becomes more challenging. CarePrograms ensure that any steps a patient needs to take pre- or post-procedure are not missed.

LN: How did you assemble your team?

AH: When my kids had health issues and I worked with my brother, a surgeon scientist at Hopkins to create a company that will help patients. Our team was assembled from colleagues from the tech world and Johns Hopkins.

LN: How has Doctella the company differed from what you envisioned it would be (if at all)?

AH: Our core mission to help patients has remained constant but with new Apple HealthKit, CareKit, Watch, Google Fit and a plethora of health devices have pushed us into building an active remote monitoring cloud with CarePrograms.

LN: What do you wish you had known before developing your concept?

AH: Hospitals only pay for solutions that have reimbursement or regulatory drivers

LN: What most excites you about the aging and / or health technology market?

AH: Empowering aging folks and their families.

LN: What is your best piece of advice for startups who want to include or target the 50+ market?

AH: If you are plan to sell to providers or get money from providers spend a lot of time and stay small till you figure out the sales cycle.

LN: Do you have any other products in development?

AH: Yes we are rapidly expanding our cloud features and apps.

LN: Where do you see Doctella five years from now?

AH: Tens of millions of patients around the world use Doctella to continuously monitor their vitals and receive digital health interventions that help them get better and higher quality care from providers.

LN: Anything else you’d like to share?

AH: Providers and nurses will become experts at remotely monitoring and managing patients using automated tools to focus on prevention and accelerate cure.

Amer Haider is CEO and Co-Founder of Doctella.com, an interactive remote patient monitoring cloud and app studio. Amer has been in the high-tech industry for over 20 years. He has been involved in investing, starting and scaling companies in the areas of security, mobility, networking and SAAS.

Doctella propels Amer’s desire for high-quality healthcare delivery to yet another level. As his daughter and son benefit from the marvels of modern healthcare, he has become keenly aware of how simple, common remote and automated monitoring can set the path to treatment and recovery on the right trajectory. To learn more about Doctella, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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