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  • Jan 31, 2018
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Entrepreneur of the Week: Ja’Nese Jean, SAFETRIP

Entrepreneur of the Week: Ja’Nese Jean, SAFETRIP

SAFETRIP is the creator of a ride-hailing app that provides emergency and non-emergency medical transportation to patients with mobility or medical limitations.

We spoke to founder and CEO, Ja’Nese Jean, about SAFETRIP and the opportunity they see in the 50+ market.

Longevity Network: What does SAFETRIP, the company, do?

Ja’Nese Jean: SAFETRIP is a healthcare transportation company that operates as a mobile application. We’ve been described as the “Uber” of healthcare. We offer on-demand transportation for users with a variety of travel options including: Premium Cars, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, Vans, and EMT.

LN: Can you tell us about your product and how it works?

JJ: Our technology work in two parts, starting with users and drivers downloading the “SAFETRIP User” or “SAFETRIP Driver” apps. Users are able to request rides using the 4 travel options. Users are also able to pay for rides using Insurance, Debit, or Credit. Active Drivers will receive live notifications to accept or decline incoming ride requests. After the user is dropped off at their destination, both the user and driver will rate one another. Our company use this rating system to offer drivers additional training or bonuses. We can also use ratings to suspend user/driver apps.

LN: What opportunity did you want to address with the development of your technology?

JJ: Our main goal is to provide an extra layer of safety and affordability while upgrading the overall healthcare transportation management system to one that’s on-demand.

LN: Who are your primary users? In what ways can your products benefit the 50+ population?

JJ: Our primary user is anyone with a healthcare or preventative healthcare appointment. Users over 50 and their caretakers seem to love our technology. It tracks patients in real-time, it’s easy to manage, and caretakers are able to request rides on their behalf (for users without smart phones).

LN: How did you assemble your team?

JJ: Well, my COO Jason N. George and I attended college together. He was the first person I told the idea to and out of sheer fascination, he connected me to Frantz Mornecy, our current CFO. Frantz, then introduced Dr. Craig Taylor and Dr. Cliff Taylor, who ironically graduated from another college that I attended. This all happened within 24 hours. Our core team is a human snowball effect to say the least.

LN: How has SAFETRIP the company differed from what you envisioned it would be (if at all)?

JJ: I honestly didn’t envision SAFETRIP happening this easily and this fast. I’m very fortunate to have developers working around the clock to build and maintain this technology. We don’t sleep, yet we feel amazing because we’re helping so many people.

LN: What do you wish you had known before developing your concept?

JJ: Great question. I wish I would’ve known the proper way to raise money. I’m actually still learning, but I’m more inclined to pull money out of my own accounts versus raising rounds. Luckily, our CFO took over the money raising operation.

LN: What most excites you about the aging and / or health technology market?

JJ: Well, as a person with a STEM degree, I never imagined having any major affect on the healthcare market. It excites me being the first in the industry with this technology because I can handle the trail and error that comes along with innovation. The positive feedback that we receive relating to saving people time and money…amazing.

LN: What is your best piece of advice for startups who want to include or target the 50+ market?

JJ: Have your employees take a sensitivity training course. The 50+ market should be handled with special care. They’re the jewels of the world and if you’re lucky, they’ll give you the greatest life advice just for giving them A+ service.

LN: Do you have any other products in development?

JJ: We have major updates to the user and driver apps happening 3rd quarter. Updates will add a social spin to the technology equipped with AI features and lots of healthcare discounts.

LN: Where do you see SAFETRIP five years from now?

JJ: By year 5, prayerfully, SAFETRIP will be available in every country.

LN: Anything else you’d like to share?

JJ: I appreciate the Longevity Network for spreading “good” news.

Ja’Nese Jean is an International Opera Singer and Tech Entrepreneur from Georgia. Her passion to connect the world positively is displayed nationally via philanthropy, and socially by using an array of technologies. Her tech products include mobile applications, proxy servers, mass email software, and patented heat and motion activated car sensors. SAFETRIP was developed as a platform to make transportation more affordable and safe for patients. She views SAFETRIP as a brilliant idea actualized that will drive the healthcare industry for the next 20 years.

To learn more about SAFETRIP, go to their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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