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  • Nov 01, 2017
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Entrepreneur of the Week: Rob Rebak, AbleTo

Entrepreneur of the Week: Rob Rebak, AbleTo

AbleTo is a web-based platform which identifies patients in need of behavioral health support and provides phone or video chat based Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to patients suffering from anxiety or depression. The program is covered by most major insurers.

We spoke to CEO Rob Rebak about AbleTo and the opportunity they see in the 50+ market.

Longevity Network: What does AbleTo, the company, do?

Rob Rebak: AbleTo, Inc. is a market leader in providing technology-enabled behavioral healthcare. We have been treating patients for six years, and improve patient outcomes and lower costs by providing treatment that integrates behavioral and medical healthcare. Our structured therapy programs strengthen medical recovery, and improve absenteeism and employee productivity among members with chronic clinical needs.

AbleTo analytics, coupled with our multi-channel engagement platform, identify and engage members with unmet, often undiagnosed, behavioral health needs. A proprietary platform connects individuals with AbleTo licensed providers who deliver weekly sessions by phone or video supported by an integrated digital experience. The platform allows for scheduling, treatment, care coordination, and structured data capture.

AbleTo programs are clinically proven to improve both behavioral health and medical outcomes while lowering overall spending for higher-cost, higher-risk members.

LN: Can you tell us about your product and how it works?

RR: AbleTo is unique in the space in that we’re attempting to solve the four key problems in behavioral health today: identification, access, quality, and cost.

AbleTo’s proprietary algorithms identify and engage patients in need. We then screen and triage patients to the appropriate resource, offering patients access to our proven, evidence-based, structured treatment of depression, anxiety, and stress. Our programs are available 24/7 in English and Spanish.

AbleTo’s ability to deliver proven, high-quality treatment via phone or secure video allows for patients in need of mental health care to access it in the privacy of their own home, on their own schedule that is customized to help them learn new techniques to manage their pain, diabetes, stress of caregiving and more.

LN: What opportunity did you want to address with the development of your technology?

RR: Given the complexity of doing business in healthcare at the intersection of medical and behavioral health, technology can either make or break your solution. At AbleTo, we’ve developed a platform that does many things to simplify these complexities. The platform connects patients, treatment providers, health plan case managers, and a patient’s care team. In addition, the platform allows our nationwide network of providers to capture chart notes and collaborate to deliver AbleTo’s evidence based, structured CBT to treat depression, anxiety that is customized around a patient’s co-morbid medical condition or life event. We can also capture structured data that is valuable in alerting other providers to more severe mental health crises.

Given our close relationships with a number of the large and regional health plans across the country, our platform allows for connections to health plan and provider EMR’s to do bi-directional data exchange and capture mental health screening data to measure patient improvement and allows for outcomes measurement.

LN: Who are your primary users? In what ways can your products benefit the 50+ population?

RR: Our clients, or groups that partner with AbleTo to make our treatment offerings available, include large national health plans, regional health plans, and large employers.

Almost two out of three AbleTo end customers, typically plan members, are over the age of 50 when they start their treatment. We find that our program addresses the many issues that prevent 50+ year-olds from getting the help they need.

LN: What most excites you about the aging and / or health technology market?

RR: By most estimates, behavioral health conditions affect over 40M people across the United States. According to Mental Health America, a staggering 56.5% of adults with mental illness received no past year treatment, and for those seeking treatment, 20.3% continue to report unmet treatment needs. Problems with access, quality of treatment, and cost abound. People are right to call this a national crisis. I am equally troubled and motivated by these grim statistics. AbleTo is uniquely positioned to leverage health technology and be part of the solution.

LN: What is your best piece of advice for startups who want to include or target the 50+ market?

RR: Focus your solution on a clear and specific need, challenge, and / or opportunity in this market. And never make assumptions about how the 50+ market will use and adapt to new technologies – the 50+ crowd will probably surprise you and challenge your assumptions!

LN: Do you have any other products in development?

RR: Since we announced a successful Series D financing round of $36.6M from Bain Capital Ventures, Aetna Ventures, and our existing investors, we are seeing even more demand for our services. AbleTo will therefore bolster the patient engagement portion of the business to ensure it finds the right patients, as well as grow our network to make sure the company has enough providers to match the high demand we are seeing in the market.

LN: Where do you see AbleTo, Inc. five years from now?

RR: In five years, we hope to be engaging tens of millions of Americans and successfully treating millions for depression, anxiety, and stress.

Rob Rebak is the President and CEO of AbleTo, Inc., a technology-enabled provider of behavioral healthcare. A 25-year health industry veteran, Rob most recently served as President, Consumer Solutions for Sharecare, a health and wellness patient engagement platform He joined Sharecare through its acquisition of QualityHealth, a patient acquisition platform, where he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Rob also previously served as Chief Executive Officer of ParentingTeensNetwork and as Managing Partner of Rosetta, which was later acquired by Publicis. He joined Rosetta through its acquisition of SimStar, where he served as President. Earlier in his career, Rob spent 10 years in a range of commercial roles at Pfizer, Merck, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. 

Rob holds an M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a B.A. in History and Economics from Vanderbilt University. To learn more about him, connect with him on LinkedIn.

To learn more about AbleTo, visit their website or follow them oLinkedIn and Twitter.

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